Category: Zizzy

Cats Snuggling in Velvet

I’ve had cats that don’t get along and cats that do. It’s always nice when they are friends because otherwise you don’t get to see things like two cats snuggling in a red velvet throw.

Arbor Shih Tzu Puppy #1

Cute shih tzu puppy. Of course, which shih tzu puppies are NOT cute? Completed in my Arbor watercolor style.

Shih Tzu In the Grass

I love the smell of freshly cut grass. So does Ollie. This little Shih Tzu ran around and tuckered himself out. Now he’s taking a break to catch his breath before he bursts across the yard again.

Penny the Shih Tzu

This is Penny the Shih Tzu. Out for a stroll in the garden. She’s wondering why she has to wait for her owner to catch up.