Daybreak at Crosswinds Marsh

In June, the lily pads have taken over the surface of Crosswinds Marsh for the most part. People come to do everything from go fishing, to hike trails, to ride horses. Being so busy, if you want to get an image of this well-known Michigan wetlands area, you need to come either at sunrise or sunset.

“This was taken on one of those days when the moon is still plenty high in the sky when you wake up in the morning. It was also a full moon and on one of those days when it looks larger than normal. The lens didn’t properly convey that reality though, so creating this image required two photos. One of the scene and one zoomed in on the moon. Once I had both looking idea, I used digital scissors to insert the zoomed-in moon and placed it over the original so that it looked exactly the way it appeared to the eye had you been standing on the boardwalk yourself.” – Brian Kurtz

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