Nightfall Over Detroit Michigan

The most iconic view of the Detroit City skyline is found in a completely different country.  Canada.  From this vantage point, sunsets can be seen most days all year round.  The towering Detroit Renaissance Center and the rest of the city’s most pieces of architecture in the financial district can all be seen well from here.

“I used long exposure techniques to get more color variation in the sky as well as smooth out the relatively fast-running Detroit River. Long exposure by itself though will result in lighting on the building being overly bright and the large square at the top of the GM Ren Cen is known to turn to a single bright white blur. To compensate I captured some traditional images which I was able to composite together with the main frame of the image in order to get all the elements I was looking for. Namely: movement in clouds and water, color depth, and proper exposure all-around to properly depict the city at night.” – Brian Kurtz

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